The shape of fashion to come

The FHCM has launched Catwalk Calling – The shape of fashion to come. A serie to discover a new wave of designers.

With Marine Serre, Afterhomework, Victoria/Tomas, Anaïs Jourden, Boramy  Viguier, Louis-Gabriel Nouchi, Hed Mayner, GmbH, CMMN SWDN, Phipps, Yazbukey, Rokh, Nicolas Lecourt Mansion, Ottolinger, Gamut, Bode, Bluemarble, Julie de Libran, Etudes, Kevin Germanier et Coperni.

“This podcast, Catwalk Calling, is a valuable opportunity to get to know a new generation of emerging designers.
In contrast to some of the previous generations, they have no complexes about fashion, sometimes seen in the past as frivolous or superficial.On the contrary, for them, fashion is a creative register in the same way as music, cinema, design or architecture. They have an intuitive relationship with digital, communicating with their community on Instagram, presenting their fashion on fashion shows as well as in films and selling it on their own online shop.Contemporary but already projected into the more or less near future, they naturally take into account the ecological struggle, the redefinition of genres, diversity, inclusiveness. Obstacles become accelerators of transformation. Even when a pandemic erupts, they take up the challenge each in their own way.
Good in their time, and good in their fashion.
Listen to them, they have a lot to say”.

Olivier Nicklaus
Author-director and interviewer.

You will find each podcast on the Apple Podcast store, Google Play, Deezer, Souncloud, Spotify and on the Paris Fashion Week® app. Catwalk Calling is supported by Le Defi.

Catwalk Calling · Paris Fashion Week – Designer’s Talk(English version)