The figures of fashion

Fashion is an endless field of expression and creativity but also an industry composing a major pole of french economy. During Paris fashion Week®, the capital becomes one of the most important financial hub.

Key Figures

Fashion in France accounts for:
• 150 billion € in direct sales
• 1 million jobs
• 2,7% of the French GDP generated by the fashion industry

The fashion industry, a major economic hub of the French economy  (Indicators of direct activity) :
• 150 billion € in direct sales, of which  33 billion € in exports

Détail : eyewear (9)+ perfumes/cosmetics (44)+watchmaking/jewellery (8)+ Shoes and leather goods (22)+Textiles & clothing (67)
• 36 billion € of added value, representing 1,7% of the French GDP
• 580 000 in direct jobs

Detail : eyewear (44)+perfume/cosmetics (128)+ watchmaking/jewellery 31)+ Shoes and leather goods (81)+ Textiles & clothing (294)

A complete upstream-downstream pipeline
• Sales (Mds) : retail (74)+ Manufacturing (33)+wholesale (43)
• Job (a thousand) : retail (362)+wholesale (80)+manufacturing (136)

Fashion is more important than the automobile and aeronautic industries in the French economy
• Sales (Mds) : 150 (clothing) ; 102 (automobile) et 39 (aeronautic)
• Exportations (Mds) : 33 (clothing), 56 (automobile) et 19 (aeronautic)
• Percentage of GPD : 1,7 (clothing) ; 0,7 (automobile) et 0,5 (aeronautic)

Fashion industries, a major hub of the French economy (Overall weight)
• 67 billion € in added value, representing 2,7% of the GDP generated by fashion
• 1 million jobs

French companies, world leaders in fashion industries
• Fashion businesses of French companies and French-owned foreign companies generate 70 Billion Euros turnover.
• The 50 largest French companies in fashion have an export rate of 80% on average

Fashion Week, a driving force in the Parisian economy
• 1,2 billion € in economic spinoffs yearly= 440 millions Euros (Impact of fashion shows and events combined)+ 725 million Euros (Impact of trade fairs)
• Over 300 fashion shows yearly with 50% of foreign brands in the official calendar
• 27 professional trade fairs; over 14 000 exhibitors and 75% of foreign brands at the fairs
• 10,3 billion in sales figures achieved

Conclusion : The French fashion industry is characterized by an unparalleled ecosystem that unites creation and design, technical and industrial know-how, digital and management of the value chain

Annexe :

The true scope of the fashion industry

-Horizontal approach : several categories of activity :Textiles and clothing+Shoes and leather goods+Watchmaking+Jewellery+Fine Jewellery+Eyewear+Perfumes & cosmetics

-Vertical approach (upstream-downstream): creation, manufacturing, wholesale and retail

-Inclusion of direct activity…

-And of the indirect effects of this activity :
• Creation of added value for service providers of the fashion industry such as media, communications, advertising, transport and logistics…
• Creation of added value generated by income distributed amongst employees within the fashion industry
Which sources has IFM mobilized to lead this study on fashion industries?

– Data from the NAF nomenclature
–  INSEE accounts and surveys, particularly ESANE, trading accounts. Input-output tables (IOTs) and inter-industrial exchange tables from national accounts for the inclusion of indirect activity
–  Customs statistics
–  Annual company reports and data from the DIANE “company” database