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As an integral part of an resolutely future-oriented ecosystem, the Federation is at the heart of the fashion industry’s trends and challenges. In order to nurture its thinking, it coordinates encounters, conferences and confronts points of view of actors from within the sector

Fashion Industries in French economy

This purpose of this study, which has been accomplished by IFM in partnership with the French Federation of Couture, Couturier and Fashion Designer Ready-to-Wear and the French Federation of Women's Ready-to-Wear, is to :
-Present a reliable appraisal of the main economic aggregation on the perimeter of the fashion sector and on its related activities, taking into consideration the entire range of players benefiting from its economic spin-offs.
-Propose an assessment of the impact of Paris Fashion Week upon the economy.
The information assembled includes :
Business activity through their sales performance : direct sales revenue (in retail and wholesale) and indirect revenue (licenses)
The weight of creative industries at export : the share of sectors linked to creation in French exports within each of the product categories (fashion, accessories, watchmaking, jewellery, perfumes and cosmetics, design and furnishings, lifestyle) and the sector's contribution to France's trade balance
The added value of companies which allows the industry's weight within France's GDP to be measured.
The occupations represented in creation, manufacturing or distribution, in France and internationally.
Activity and employment induced indirectly via knock-on effects of brands on their industrial partners, distributors, service providers.
This study indicates, among other things, that French fashion amounts to 150 billion euros in direct revenue, an added value of 2,7 % of GDP and generates 1 million jobs in France. As for Paris Fashion Week, it produces 1,2 billion euros in economic benefits and 10,3 billion euros in commercial transactions each year.

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150 billion € in direct sales
1 Million jobs generated by fashion industry
2,7% of French GPD generated by fashion industry