The Federation, through its presence in diverse governance authorities and its missions, collaborates in a constant and close manner with the entire French and international ecosystem.

Faced with an ecosystem that is rich in stakeholders, the Federation is committed to developing close and permanent bonds with the entire range of its players. It is also engaged in providing readability, to inform on existing services and on individual competence.

Within the framework of its mission to promote the French culture of fashion and creation, and Paris Fashion Week, it works on a series of lobbying operations on a national and international level with relation to public authorities. It has become particularly engaged in developing European cooperation via bilateral relations with its counterparts such as Camera Della moda in Italy, and formal exchange with the European Commission.

The Federation supports and backs emerging brands in their international commercial expansion. For this reason, it collaborates with the DEFI on financing their presence during professional shows for example and, if need be, requests subsidies from local authorities. It can also rely on the the diplomatic and consular network, or any other authority of French representation, in order to assist brands with their launch.

On the look-out for talented creators, either emerging or experienced, it observes what is happening abroad in order to enhance the collections calendar and to nourish the pool of tomorrow’s artistic directors. It also recruits new international partners to reinforce Paris Fashion Week’s reputation.

Lastly, in order to carry out its mission of skill development in France, it has set itself two targets. On the one hand, to establish academic leadership in France by supporting schools such as the IFM/ECSCP group and on the other hand, to create leadership in expertise in new technologies impacting on the fashion industry by attracting talents at the forefront of innovation.