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"People who read are ..."

LGN was founded in Paris in 2017 by Louis-Gabriel Nouchi, who offers his contemporary vision of a new nonchalant and sensual elegance.

Passionate reader since his childhood, each collection is a tribute to a book, a writer, who forged his view on the world.

With LGN, the silhouette becomes a balance between a fluid and 
comfortable suit, a rich and textured knit and traditional know-how, offering a new freedom, a new relationship to what we wear.
Each piece has a controlled flaw, magnified wear that allows everyone to tell their own story. The openings reveal without showing directly the skin, offering a new relationship to the body.
Product quality, transparency of production and honesty are at the heart of the brand. In constant search for improvement of the materials used, partnerships with European luxury factories or large textile groups, LGN is an invitation to a new relationship with clothing and our way of conceiving fashion.