Business development advisory

The Fédération participates to a vast ecosystem. Its mission is to orientate brands, toward a stage of development, toward the most appropriated opportunities whether it is financial, about its distribution or about its image.

The Fédération gives privileged access to a network of providers. It works in close collaboration with the DEFI, RSM, IFM Labels, IFCIC, the BPI. The Fédération orientates toward prestigious contests and facilitates the first steps within a rich ecosystem that is given to the young creation. Connected to a vast network of buyers, it brings to young brands a precious network, particularly thanks its partnership with The New Black, digital platform between buyers and brands.
The team, that has a profound knowledge of the distribution channel, advices brands on their commercial development and more particularly on their implantation within bigger foreign markets. In that way, it puts together a certain number of projects internationally, aiming at simulating the commercial development as well as the brand image development.