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Graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Toulouse. It is during several performances within artistic collectives that he develops his interest in fashion. Fashion will be for him the best medium. A kind of total art in which he can apprehend the garment as a design object. He decided to perfect his technique at Atelier Chardon Savard. With his graduation collection, Arthur catches the eye and wins the Who’s next: Best graduate collection prize.

The latex he uses catches attention. Banned from classic cloakroom, at the border of the object and fabric. Its sexual connotation is perfect to convey insolence.
In collaboration with specialized laboratories, he inscribes the originality of his brand in an innovative textile research by developing his own material. In June 2018, Arthur Avellano enters the Official Schedule of presentations from PFW®.

Spring/Summer 2020 @arthur_avellano
1 29
Instagram /arthur_avellano
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