Sanitary measures, new company consolidation, fixed costs consolidation and rent aids, social security contribution


Following up on our previous Covid-19 notes, please find below information regarding the following topics:


  1. Reduction of distancing measures and removal of the vaccine pass
  2. End of the health and safety protocol applicable in companies
  3. Perenisation of “Agefiph” financial aid for people with disabilities
  4. Extension of the doubling of the ceiling for restaurant vouchers
  5. “New company consolidation” aid
  6. “Fixed costs consolidation” aid
  7. Extension of “rent and rental expenses” aid
  8. Payment of social security contributions


1.Reduction of distancing measures and removal of the vaccine pass

As announced by the public authorities, the decree n° 2022-352 of March 12, 2022 modifying the decree n° 2021-699 of June 1, 2021 prescribing the general measures necessary for the management of the exit of the sanitary crisis eased the sanitary rules regarding social distancing and access to the Establishments Receiving Public.


From now on :

  • It is no longer compulsory to respect a distance of 1 meter when wearing a mask or 2 meters without a mask. Only the respect of barrier gestures is recommended.
  • Access to Establishment Receiving Public (ERP) is no longer subject to the presentation of a vaccination pass and the wearing of a mask is no longer mandatory.


2. End of the health and safety protocol applicable in companies

In line with the measures announced by the Government at the national level, the health and safety protocol applicable in companies ended on March 14, 2022.


A reference guide on the measures to prevent the risks of Covid-19 contamination has been published by the Ministry of Labor in order to continue to accompany employers and employees in this next step.


This guide covers the following topics:

  • Reminder of employee protection measures
  • Vaccination
  • Management of contact cases and positive cases
  • Management of vulnerable employees
  • Reminder of the general principles of risk prevention Covid


In particular, it is recalled that there is no longer any need to take general measures requiring the wearing of masks in shared indoor spaces within companies, but that employees who wish to continue to wear a mask in their workplace are nevertheless free to do so.


3. Perenisation of “Agefiph” financial aid for people with disabilities

The exceptional assistance provided by AGEFIPH to disabled job seekers, employees or trainees, as well as their employers, in response to the health crisis caused by Covid-19 has been extended beyond the initial deadline of February 28, 2022.


The following measures are now part of AGEFIPH’s regular offer: travel assistance when people are exposed to a health risk via public transport, specific assistance to maintain employment, assistance with work-study programs, etc.


4. Extension of the doubling of the ceiling for restaurant vouchers


On February 23, 2022, the French Minister of the Economy announced the extension of the doubling of the maximum ceiling for the use of restaurant vouchers until June 23, 2022.


As a reminder, this ceiling had previously been raised from 19 euros to 38 euros per day.


This doubling of the ceiling for restaurant vouchers is also extended to weekends and public holidays in restaurants, hotel-restaurants and similar establishments.


5.“New company consolidation” aid

Decree no. 2022-221 of 21 February 2022 introduced a “new company consolidation” aid, equivalent to the fixed cost consolidation aid mentioned in our previous newsletter, for companies created between January 1 2019 and 31 October 31 2021.


Companies are eligible if they:

  • Carry out their main activity in the S1 or S1 bis sectors;
  • Have a negative gross operating surplus (calculated according to the formula available at the following link)
  • Have suffered a loss of turnover of at least 50% during one month of the eligible period (from 1 December 2021 to 31 January 2022)



This aid takes the form of a subsidy, the amount of which is equal to the sum, for each eligible month, of 70% of the mathematical opposite of the gross operating surplus fixed costs consolidation recorded for the eligible month or months.


The amount of the aid is capped at 2.3 million euros, which includes all the aid granted since March 2021, in particular the solidarity fund, the “Fixed costs rebound” aid and the “new company rebound” aid.


Applications for aid must be submitted on the website before 30 April 2022.


6. “Fixed costs consolidation” aid

Decree no. 2022-223 of 21 February 2022 provides further information on the “fixed costs consolidation” aid mentioned in our previous note:


The amount of aid may not exceed the amount of the loss of turnover declared for the eligible period.


7. Extension of the “rents and rental expenses” aid

Decree No. 2022-362 of 15 March 2022 extends the application deadline for “rents and rental expenses ” aid, mentioned in a previous note, which  is intended to support certain retail businesses that were not open to the public for the months of February to May 2021.


The deadline for applications is now 31 March.


As a reminder, the details of this assistance can be found here.


8. Payment of social security contributions

The government has implemented a single portal bringing together DGFiP, Customs and Urssaf in order to simplify the declarations and payments of companies.


For the moment, it is only available to self-employed workers and very small businesses, but it will soon be extended to other categories.