Covid-19 – Update of the Company Health And Safety Protocol


We would like to inform you that the company health and safety protocol was updated by the Ministry of Labour on February 16, 2022, and came into effect on the same date to take into account the favorable evolution of the health situation.

The new measures include:

1.The return of festive events in companies

Social gatherings are again authorized in companies. They can be organized “in strict compliance with barrier measures” which implies wearing a mask and respecting distancing and ventilation measures.

As a reminder, the health protocol recommends that a physical distance of at least one meter be maintained with a mask, and that this distance can be increased to two meters when the mask cannot be worn.


2.Wearing a FFP2 mask in the workplace for certain employees

According to the opinion of the High Council for Public Health of December 23, 2021, the wearing of a FFP2 mask may be indicated for :

  • People at risk of severe forms of Covid-19
  • And for those who have failed to be vaccinated for medical reasons


However, it must be ensured that employees are capable of wearing a FFP2 mask for several hours and for daily use, which is why the protocol recommends a prior medical consultation to ensure this and to prescribe the masks delivered in pharmacies.


3.The modalities of company meetings

The company health and safety protocol states that meetings can be held either remotely or face-to-face but encourages companies to hold them by audio or video conference.

As a reminder, during face-to-face meetings, the barrier measures (wearing a mask, ventilation and distancing measures) must be respected.