Please find below an update on the government’s response to the Covid 19 epidemic :

National de-confinement protocol

The Ministry of Labour published on May 3 a national de-confinement protocol to help and support companies and associations, regardless of their size, activity and geographical location, to resume their activity while ensuring the protection of their employees’ health through universal rules.

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This protocol specifies the general doctrine of collective protection that private sector employers must put in place. It complements the 48 guides to the professions already available on the Ministry of Labour’s website and drawn up in partnership with professional federations and social partners. New guides will also be published, at the request of the social partners, in the coming days.

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Consultation of the Social and Economic Committee (CSE)

We have previously indicated that in order to promote the rapid resumption of economic activity under protective conditions for employees, it would be necessary for the consultation of the CSE to be organised under suitable conditions. An ordinance of 22 April 2020 therefore provided that a decree of the French Council of State could adapt the conventional deadlines for this consultation.

Ordinance No. 2020-507 of 2 May 2020 and Decrees No. 2020-508 and No. 2020-509 therefore modify these deadlines:

For the Central CSE: the agenda for the meeting set by the CSE chair and secretary is communicated three days before the meeting, as opposed to the usual eight days.

For the Establishment CSE: the meeting agenda is communicated two days prior to the meeting, as opposed to the usual three days.
As a reminder, this communication must be sent by the chairperson of the CSE to the members of the committee, the labour inspection control officer and the prevention services officer of the social security bodies.

These deadlines will apply from May to 23 August 2020.

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Partial activity

Olivier Véran and Gérald Darmanin announced that the exceptional short-time working measure dedicated to home-based employees has been extended until June 1.

Details our available in the statement below :

Union elections in VSEs

A decree of 24 April 2020 has just modified the timetable for trade union elections in the VSEs. The deadline for submitting applications, initially scheduled for 24 March 2020, has been extended to 27 April 2020.
The updated calendar is available below:

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Deferral of social contributions

The same scheme as that applied to the deadlines of 15 March, 5 and 15 April is renewed: employers whose Urssaf due date falls on 5 May or 15 May may defer all or part of the payment of their employee and employer contributions for this deadline.

The nominative social declaration (DSN), is to be transmitted until May 5 or May 15 at 12:00 noon, depending on your due date.

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