As the situation in France is evolving quickly, please find below an update on the measures taken by the government.

Support to businesses :

Measures to support businesses are regularly updated by the government, you will find below the latest version:

Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Lemaire moreover announced yesterday a strengthening of these measures on three key points below.

A massive system of treasury loans to companies backed by a EUR 300 billion state guarantee
The activation of public reinsurance on credit insurance for a 10 billion euros budget
In order to support French exporters, reinsurance of short-term export credits for a 2 billion euros budget.

The Ministry also issued a FAQ dedicated to business owners available to download below.

Ile de France

We inform you that in order to help Paris Region companies face the crisis caused by Covid-19, the Paris Region, in association with the State and Bpifrance, have, in addition to the measures taken at national level announced the following measures :
1. The setting up of a State-Region solidarity fund: €1,500 in aid to VSEs, the self-employed, micro-entrepreneurs, companies with less than €1 million in turnover ;

2. Automatic rescheduling of payments deadlines without charge (FBF), guarantee of up to 90% of cash loans for VSE/SMEs (Bpifrance/Region Île-de-France), the “Prêt Atout”, the “Covid-19 cash flow reinforcement” guarantee (Région Île-de-France/Bpifrance);

3. The relocation package for the Île-de-France Region, encouraging companies to set up in the Region in order to secure commercial channels: support, assistance in finding sites in Île-de-France, recruitment assistance, mobilization of financing via the PM’up and Innov’up regional aid schemes;

4. The “Zero Late Payment Penalty” guarantee in public procurement contracts in the Île-de-France Region (processing of payment requests in less than 30 days).

See details on the following page.

Labour Law

Ministry’s recommendations

The Ministry of Labour also adapts its measures and recommendations in real time.

Partial activity

We recently informed you regarding measures taken by the government in order to facilitate short time working. A decree is currently being drafted.

Attention, it appears as regard recent information issued by the DIRECCTE that use of partial unemployment due to the coronavirus crisis will no longer be systematically accepted, companies being encouraged to remain open as far as possible (see article below).

This is also in line with the recommendations issued by the MEDEF encouraging companies continue their production if able to do so (to download below).

Bill « Urgence sanitaire »

In addition, Parliament is currently examining a bill “urgence sanitaire” which will empower the Government to legislate by ordinance on a number of points, including social issues, details of which are given in the attached table.

Derogation from duration of work

Finally, in order to speed up the processing of requests for derogations from duration of work due to the epidemic, the Ministry provides for a centralized procedure at the level of the administration responsible for the company’s head office.

These derogations will be provided for until 31 August 2020 and will only concern companies whose activity is directly or indirectly impacted by the coronavirus once the link is proven.

In addition, the administration will have to issue its decision within five days.
Account will also have to be taken of the possibility of employing external staff and the possibility of negotiating with the social partners. The decision taken will also have to be transmitted to the staff representatives of the establishments and to each competent authority for the establishments concerned.

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